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The principal focus of this service is the management oftime, cost and quality.

Any organisation that is completing project based works, which need stringent control of time, cost and quality can benefit from the project controls service offered by A. N. Construction Pvt. Ltd.

Examples could include:
  • An organisation completing multiple construction projects each year, where construction is outside their core business.
  • An organisation completing projects where controlling and forecasting cost is of prime importance.
  • An organisation providing services to clients which include a project based component, where control of time and cost parameters is not in their sphere of expertise.
  • An organisation that has a project where a portion of the project involves construction works
About our Project Management System
  • A comprehensive format and set of procedures for financial management of projects.
  • Developed in-house based on our extensive experience.
  • Based on forecast end of project outcomes and updated at least monthly.
  • Provides project teams and clients with progressive information about the financial status of projects.
  • Provides a uniform basis for comparison of actual performance against budgets and for taking corrective action to avoid or minimise overruns.
  • Provides a document control and document management system that provides full recording and tracking facilities as well as linking cost issues to the costing module

Quality Assurance

A. N. Construction Pvt. Ltd. is committed to achieving agreed Quality Assurance objectives for every project. Site specific Quality Assurance Plans are prepared in accordance with the international standard AS/NZS ISO 9000:2008.

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