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To help clients achieve their objectives, A. N. Construction Pvt. Ltd. provides a range of project based services. This starts with project management and continues through the entire project life cycle: design, construction, and commissioning.

A. N. Construction Pvt. Ltd.’s project management services consist of core competencies and functions that we can to tailor suit the individual client’s requirements.

We aim to work collaboratively with the client to form win – win alliances. We believe in establishing and maintaining high quality relationships between the project manager and the client representative. This approach is reflected throughout the project team with close links between organisations at all levels.

Our approach may be summarised as:

  • Focusing a high degree of emphasis on the client / project manager relationship.
  • Ensuring every client and every project is unique and will require fit – for – purpose services of the appropriate type, style and level.
  • Project Managers being flexible and adaptable, using services from within the client organization or complementing the client’s existing staff and systems.
  • Developing a thorough understanding of the client and its business, adding value both on the project and outside the project.
  • Managing the client’s risk to protect and enhance its business.

Experience and Abilities:

  • Our people enable us to provide a wide range of services in the core function of project management.
  • Our involvement in a client’s project often begins with conceptual development. This allows us to manage the project from inception to completion, providing expertise in overall project management, design management through to construction, commissioning and handover.
  • Our experience includes projects of long duration as well as short time frame jobs such as shutdowns.
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Our promise as a contractor is to build community value into every project while delivering professional expertise, exceptional customers service and quality construction.